Dear Cucina Customers

We are pleased to announce to you the launch of our newsletter! Starting this October, the newsletter will be a way for you to be kept informed of what’s happening at our restaurant.

Online Shop by Cucina
Our online shop for home deliveries and takeaways recently launched and we are so excited! With our new online shop, ordering from us is now as convenient as being just a click away.

You can use the online shop in any of the following ways:

  1. Go to our website http://cucina.sg and then select Order On Line at the top tab
  2. Go directly to the Order Online Shop here: https://orderonline.cucina.sg/#/
  3. Order through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/CucinaRestaurantCatering and click Shop Now

Chef Papa Joh in Cucina
In September, we welcomed Chef Papajoh as our new team member. Starting out as a self-taught, home-based Chef, he quickly became a ‘celebrity’ after posting and sharing his recipes on social media. Specializing in several Asian, Mediterranean, Western and Italian dishes, he has gathered over 20,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram under the handle, “ChefPapajoh”.

“Then, the biggest highlight and surprise (to) my cooking (career) came in late 2012 when a Malaysian magazine (called) ‘AROMA’ requested for me to share some of my recipes on their 2nd Anniversary magazine to be launched in January 2013.”

“Subsequently, SPH’s Malay Newspaper, Berita Minggu and SUTERA magazine requested me to share my recipes in their weekend papers and monthly magazines – this was back in mid 2013. “

“Later, this was followed by Mediacorp’s ‘MANJA’ magazine. The collaboration (ran) for 3 years. They requested and tested me with challenging projects (and) themed recipes. The last collaboration ended in June 2016 with a collection of 20 (of my) recipes (featured) out of 45 (total) recipes for their ‘Celebrity Cookbook’. To top it off, the magazine cover (was) a recipe from one of my 20 dishes. Mediacorp subsequently changed their program from print format to film and video in 2017.”

Now you can enjoy the following dishes by Chef Papajoh at Cucina:
Chef Papa Joh in Cucina
✅ Shepherd’s Pie
✅ Shakshukah
✅ Ikan Semur
✅ Ikan Berlado
✅ Ayam Masak Minang
✅ Meatball Marinara

You can also arrange to have a private event with Chef Papajoh cooking exclusively for you and your guests at our restaurant or at your place.
For further enquiries or booking, please WA 93804729 or email marketing@cucina.sg

October 2018 Tingkat
October is a busy period for exams preparations and studying. As parents, we will also be busy helping out and supporting our children. So we decided to offer to free some time for you from your daily cooking so that you can focus more on your children. The October Tingkat menu now includes some children’s favourites while still maintaining a wide selection of Malay, Chinese and Western dishes. As usual, you are free to choose the cuisine for each day.

For further enquiries or orders, WA 93804729

Confinement Menu Package

We have been receiving numerous requests for a confinement menu for new mothers. As a response, we decided to come up with a menu that focuses not only on the nutritional benefits of the meal, but taste as well. You may choose from a menu of either lunch or dinner, or a menu with both lunch and dinner. Additionally, you are free to set the duration of your package based on your needs.

For the complete menu, please WA 93804729 or email marketing@cucina.sg

New Menu for Our Ambeng Platter

It’s been a year since we launched our Ambeng Platter. It has gained so much popularity that our Ambeng Platter sold out in advance more often than we expected!

To keep our Ambeng Platter exciting, we have released a new menu of 14 dishes that we guarantee are absolutely delicious eaten together.

Strictly for deliveries or takeaway only. You can order through our Online Shop or contact Ratna at 97117491

Nasi Jenganan Platter
Apart from the regular All-Day menu items by Chef Papajoh, we will also be collaboratively launching the Nasi Jenganan Platter.

A traditional Javanese Cuisine, you will get to enjoy a total of 16 dishes and items in one platter – 10 dishes served together and an additional 6 items served as a mixed salad side. It is definitely a meal not to be missed!

Our Nasi Jenganan Duo and Nasi Jenganan Family include the following dishes:
🍛Steamed White Rice
🍛Jenganan Sauce (peanut based)
🍛Ayam Goreng Berempah OR Ayam Masak Minang
🍛Ikan Goreng Sambal OR Udang Sambal* OR Sotong Sambal*
🍛Shredded Chicken Soup OR Lemak Sayur
🍛Sambal Goreng
🍛Sambal belachan tomato ceri
🥗Mixed Salad – Boiled cabbage, Boiled French beans, Diced boiled potato, Egg, Fried tempeh, Fried tauhu

For home delivery orders or enquiries, WA 90104219
For takeaways you can order through our online shop —> http://orderonline.cucina.sg

That’s all we have for you in this October newsletter … look out for more exciting news and updates!

Our 7-in-1 event and wedding package is still available before end 2018.  So if you’re still looking for a location for a wedding, having a birthday party, planning to have a group celebration of the coming end-of-year festivities or whatever other event, take advantage of our 7-in-1 event package!

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If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 67022629, 93804729 or email marketing@cucina.sg

See you in our next newsletter…